Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept my insurance?

Answer: Of course! We accept all insurance. We will contact your insurance company at your first consultation to determine all your coverage and file directly with your insurance carrier. We will obtain the maximum amount possible from your insurance carrier to cover your care.

Are you in-network with my Insurance?

Answer: Our doctors are currently in-network exclusively with Dental-Dental Premier. Unlike medical care, the difference between In-network and out-of-network dental care is minimal. Experts recommend you seek care at the most convenient and best recommended office for you. This will usually save you far more money in gas and travel and time off work and school and potential complications.

Is there a charge for the first consultation?

Answer: Yes. We require a $119.00 consultation fee at your first appointment. This does not include any additional x-rays or diagnostic work if required. After your consultation, we will bill your insurance for your fee. Once they pay us, we refund you the difference. It’s that simple! This is to prevent you from ever receiving a bill you don’t expect. Up-front, simple, and honest!

Will there be any up-front costs for my care?

Answer: Yes. You will be required to a pay your consultation fee up front as well as any co-pay or deductible required by your insurance. This is now the case with most private dental and medical offices. This is required by all insurance carriers. We will provide you with a full estimate of your costs after insurance coverage at your consultation. We will bill your insurance on your behalf for all your care. You will be responsible for any costs not covered by your insurance carrier.

Does my insurance cover Implants? 

Answer: Most premium dental insurance covers up to 50% of implants, but not always. It depends on your specific policy set up by your employer.  We will determine your coverage for your specific personal policy.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Answer: No, we do not accept Medicaid for payment of services.

Do you have payment plans?

Answer: Yes, we offer third-party financing with SpringStone and CareCredit. You must apply based on credit worthiness.

Is a consultation required before treatment?

Answer: Yes. This is to provide you with all the necessary information and discuss all options for care. We also provide an up-front accurate estimate of all costs with your insurance. We also make sure you are prepared medically for care. We provide advanced outpatient surgery and intravenous anesthesia care which requires medical care and attention.

Can I have same day consultation/surgery appointment combined?

Answer: Only the doctor can determine this. We provide same day surgery for very limited emergencies and some routine procedures. Ask our team if you may qualify for same day surgery when you call to schedule your consultation appointment!

Do I have to go to sleep under anesthesia to have oral surgery treatment?

Answer: No, but that depends on your comfort with oral surgery and dental care and the scope of the procedure to be performed. We will always recommend the most comfortable experience for your safety.

Do I have to have a follow up appointment?

Answer: Not necessarily. Most single step procedures do not require any follow up appointment so that you do not have to take additional time off.

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